Name of God
Today, we see that companies’ desire for social and moral responsibility is increasing day by day. This issue will be an important factor in achieving the lofty goals of the organization. Company managers know that in order to maintain the development process and advance organizational goals, they must adhere to moral and social responsibilities, and this adherence improves public trust and acceptance and ultimately the effectiveness of the organization. Companies that seek to maximize the interests of their stakeholders require more than ever to observe their social, economic, environmental and commercial balance.
Hence, Pardis Sabz Development Company, with a correct understanding of the effective role of social responsibility and paying attention to its effects in interacting with customers and colleagues, has considered this important as an essential and integral part of its duties and has taken important measures in this regard.
The main actions of the Green campus development company in the implementation of social and moral responsibility:

  • Commitment to respecting the rights of colleagues and competitors and creating a cooperative atmosphere
  • Commitment to respecting the rights of customers (providing technical and consulting services, providing quality products, providing fair prices, etc.)
  • Commitment to providing technical, consulting and educational services to customers, researchers and academics
  • Obligation to respect the rights of the company’s personnel
  • Obligation to implement and adhere to the law
  • Commitment to protecting the environment
  • Commitment to providing healthy and harmless products for humans
  • Commitment to humanitarian aid and charity
  • Commitment to voluntary and union activities