Toseaye Pardis Sabz Co. Ltd. has already achieved significant successes with the help of God and relying on the valuable scientific and executive records and experiences of its managers and advisers. Obtaining agencies from credible, important domestic and foreign manufacturing companies, and importing various products and raw materials required for the national market are some of the services provided by this company . Obtaining representation from reputable and important companies that produce all kinds of organic and mineral pigments and supplying them to domestic factories of plastic, masterbatch, dyeing, compounding and artificial stone industries is part of the services of this company. This company is proud to have offered the highest quality organic and mineral pigments to its customers at the best price.
Anyway, we are proud that the result of our responsible and honest efforts has been gaining the trust of respected customers and developing the services of this company. We hope to take a more positive and effective step towards improving the quality of the services provided every day.


Records :

- Member of Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Tehran province since 1988

- Member of the Young Entrepreneur Association of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture

- Member of Masterbatch and Compound Producers Association

- Member of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce

- Member of Iran and Emirates Chamber

- Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Iran and India

- Nominee to receive the international quality award in 2015 from GLOBAL TRADE LEADERS' CLUB