pigment paste for printing

pigment paste for printing


 Pigment emulsions can be best printed in combination with binder on cotton, viscose, polyester, nylon, fabric and their blends to obtain high degree of fastness properties on synthetic fabrics and blends. The addition of fixing agent is recommended. These emulsions and binders is based on oil in water emulsion system. The main ingredients of pigment printing paste consists of

pigment emulsion


Synthetic thickener

Fixing agent

Pigment emulsion *

This pigment emulsions are based on selected pigment powders and most efficient nonionic emulsion, thereby giving exceptionally fine particle size and good stability. Pigment emulsion are easily miscible with each other in any proportion to produce desirable shade with brilliancy, they are compatible with binder

 Binder *

The most versatile binders based on acrylic copolymers with high degree of resistance to mechanical stress and various chemicals. It imparts excellent fastness properties due to its emulsification property, this binder is suitable for rotary screen printing besides roller screen and flat bed screen printing preparation of the stock paste

Synthetic thichener *

Synthetic thichener is a  high concentrated anionic synthetic thichener for purely aqueous and low solvent pigment pastes. Synthetic thickener is based on ammonium salt of copolymers acrylate and good running properties even without addition of emulsifiers

 Fixing agent *

Fixing agent is a crosslinking agent with an extremely low formaldehyde content based on melamine resin. Fixing agent improves the wet rubbing and washing fastness for pigment printing


Pigment Dispersion : 10-100 (g)

Urea : 10-50

Binder : 200-400

Emulsion Thickener : 50-100

Water    400-680

Total  : 1000

B-PRINTING Procedure

Printing → Drying (100c) → Fixing (150 c – 5 min) → finishing

C-After treatment of prints

After drying, the prints are fixed in dry heat (5 min at 150c) fixation of pigment prints in HT steam impairs their fastness properties

Fastness Methods

Light:   ISO 105 B02

Washing:  ISO 105 C03

Rubbing:  ISO 105 X12

Dry cleaning:   ISO 105 D01

PVC Coating:    ISO 105 X10


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