Know All About Aluminum Powder

Know All About Aluminum Powder

Aluminum Element

Aluminum is everywhere. It is the third most frequent chemical element on the earth and we can find it in almost everything we use every day. It is in the cars we drive, it is in the computers we work with and it is widely in our home appliances. 8 percent of the earth’s crust belongs to aluminum but you need to know that because of its great binding capabilities, we can’t find pure aluminum in nature commonly. While aluminum is a greatly flexible and light metal but it shows a lot of strength. Thanks to these valuable features, aluminum is a very popular metal that has a lot of use in different forms.

Powdered Aluminum

Aluminum powder can be made in the aluminum manufacturing process. By collecting aluminum off-cuts from various components and products, we can melt it together to make a solid material. Then it gets grounded down into powder and can be used for industrial paint, decorative paint, automobile paint and more. The best option to get a pure and natural aluminum is that we use the aluminum directly from the earth and mine it. It is best not to chemically change it.

The wide range of applications

Aluminum powder is a big part of the cosmetic colors industry, thermite, missile and rocket fuel, refractory and many more applications. Undoubtedly one of the main usages for aluminum powder is explosives. Aluminum powder is highly flammable and burns very brightly. Also, an interesting use for aluminum powder is related to the first days of the photography. In those days, the aluminum powder used to generate camera flashes. 

The danger of Aluminum Powder

Like we said it above, aluminum powder is a flammable element that can be used in explosives and explosives usually are dangerous! Aluminum powder burns with a remarkably bright color and it is generally used in pyrotechnic displays. Furthermore, different grades of powder can be used in a wide variety of fireworks and flash effects. In addition to this, aluminum powder in one of the blasting and explosion ingredients. So be sure to keep it away from heat and flames.
But the dangers of aluminum powder doesn’t end here. While there is not much scientific proof for this but aluminum powder can be harmful to your health because of its toxic nature. When it is used in a food product and also hair and skin products, you can have a bad reaction to it. So, we should be cautious about using it. However, no one can tell for sure that aluminum powder is definitely bad for your health or not.

Aluminum Powder in paint and pigments

Industrial paint, decorative paint, and automobile paint all have aluminum powder in them. Aluminum powder often used as metallic pigments and these pigments have a lot of applications in painting for the automotive industry, electronics, cosmetic and decorative industry and more. "Toseaye Pardis Sabz", the supplier of organic and inorganic pigments, exports aluminum pigments that are high-quality and can be used in every product and industry that we mentioned before.

Source: R & D Unit of Toseaye Pardis Sabz